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Advanced technology, continuing our education, and being at the forefront of the latest techniques, is how we provide quality service that changes our patients lives.

Restorative Health Center is using many resources such as advancing our technology, updating our methods, and using good caring philosophy to increase the wellbeing and health of our patients. Below is a list of our services.

We offer a variety
of services and treatment options

We not only treat the symptom, we target the problem using our experience and advanced technology. Which leads to less visits, faster results, and happier patients.

You know that unexpected but much required ‘pop’ that comes after a really bothersome neck pain or back pain filled day and magically relieves you of the pain? What if you don’t have to endlessly wait for the sweet sound of a pop to be music to your ears in order to get rid of the pain? Dr. Crystal can do that for you. And that’s what the chiropractic magic is about!

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The Restorative Health Center offers Myofascial Release, a highly effective technique to ease ailments like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and many others.

What is Myofascial Release?

‘Fascia’ is a fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles and can sometimes become stiff, causing pain and restrictive motion. Myofascial Release is a very hands-on physical therapy, which involves applying gentle sustained pressure on the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and thus restore motion. It is this gentle pressure applied slowly that allows the fascia tissue to relax, elongate, become active and pain free.

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What is dry needling?

Myofascial trigger point dry needling (MFTrPDN) is a treatment to restore proper function to abnormally behaving muscles. Nodules, or knots, and tight bands that develop in the muscle create localized pain or send pain signals to other locations. The affected muscles become locked and cannot function normally, which restricts movement and causes chronic pain.   

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Our functional rehabilitation program uses three-dimensional therapeutic exercises to help the patient develop strength and endurance, increase range of motion and flexibility, and build core stability to prepare the body for return to activities of daily living and to achieve an optimal level of performance or full participation in sport.

We strongly focus on teaching the patient how to develop a strong "true" core. Many think that the core is worked by doing sit-ups and crunches. This idea is very outdated. Sit-ups, especially, put too much pressure on the spine and discs, and may be causing more harm than good. By doing the proper core stabilizing exercises, the spine can then be supported during activity and even rest. A stable core helps protect from further injury as well as help improve athletic performance. 

Performed properly and regularly, (even after active chiropractic care with a home exercise program) functional exercises can be used to help prevent re-injury as well improve physical performance overall. The exercises you learn here at Restorative Health Center will help keep you moving well and healthy for your life.

Did you know that improper hip mobility can contribute to low back pain or that poor posture can cause elbow or even wrist pain? This is the case with many joint issues.   "When the word "chiropractic" is said, most people think only of the neck and back. Here at Restorative Health Center we also address and adjust the extremities if needed. From shoulders to wrists and hands to hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Dr. Crystal has the education and tools to treat soft tissue and joint conditions of the extremities.


Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy

Research has shown that instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (aka IASTM) can help shorten the rehabilitation period and time to return to sports among athletes and ordinary people to activities of daily living. The technique used helps remove scar tissue from injured soft tissues and facilitates healing.


Our Treatment Goals for Success

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karen wilson

I was a patient of Dr. Crystal Surprenant in Maryland for a pulled muscle in the chest that was not healing on it's own. I thought it was going to be a tough one to fix. She got everything loosened up and working again in just a few weeks. She is very personable and wonderful to work with. Sad to see her leave Maryland but her future patients in Illinois are gaining a great Chiropractor!!

Laura Carper

I was a patient of Dr. Crystal's in Maryland. I am so thankful that she treated me because she helped me with a variety of ailments. I especially loved the fact that she was also an athlete and was able to relate to my sports-related injuries. She is an amazing chiropractor and person and Restorative Health Center is lucky to have her!

Howard Krasilovsky

Dr. Crystal Surprenant was my chiropractor in Maryland. She is amazing. Crystal does an excellent job of describing the issues I had and then taking the time to treat them properly. Her treatment helped me maintain the level of physical activity I am accustomed to. I wish her the best.

Lisa Carter

I saw Dr. Crystal Surprenant as a patient in Maryland both for routine pain management as well as a result of a car accident. She is by far my favorite chiropractor that I have worked with to date. Dr. Crystal is one of the rare professionals who make the experience an enjoyable one. She was able to relieve pain that I thought had become a way of life. I never felt rushed while working with her and she always knew who I was without needing to consult a chart or a schedule first. She answered all of my questions without hesitation demonstrating her strong background and medical knowledge as it relates to her practice. Not only does she have a wealth of professional knowledge, Dr. Crystal was very friendly and conversational to where I looked forward to my visits, not only to physically feel better, but to benefit from our conversations. She remembered my medical details as well as information that I had shared personally, being able to connect on both a professional and personal level. Dr. Crystal has my most highest recommendation and I can only hope that my loss will be your gain as a future patient of hers.

Erica Carpio

Dr. Crystal was our family chiropractor for myself and two children who are athletes. We LOVE Dr. Crystal and miss her dearly! My daughter claims she'll never have another chiropractor - ever. :) Dr. Crystal was not only skilled in her therapeutic abilities, but also charismatic, kind and comfortable to be around which is a wonderful balance when having to be in close proximity with a doctor and being left in their hands (literally). Dr. Crystal will be sorely (pun intended!) missed. She made a positive impact on our lives and although we are sad she left the area we are so very pleased that she was able to find a new and promising opportunity. Best of luck Dr. Crystal! Erica, Bianca and Max

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